How to register to the Fleet Europe Days ?


1. Enter your email address

Please make sure to enter the email address of the attendee. 

Every year, people register using other email addresses and are surprised that they do not receive their ticket, confirmation code and practical information.


2. Enter your contact details

Please make sure to input the correct information and enter a password you will remember
You will also be asked about your profile. Please, make sure to select the right profile.
This will have an impact on what you get access to, the networking capabilities, etc.
Your choice of profile does NOT impact the ticket price.)


3. Enter extra info about your profile

This will help us in building your experience during the event.


4. Select what you will attend

Select what you will attend between the different sessions and sub-events of the Fleet Europe Days.

✔ Need extra info to make sure you make the right choices ? Click on the magnifier.

Prices are also indicated. On the next page, you will be able to enter a discount code

  !! What you select at this stage is what you get access to during the event. !!


5. Payment

Enter any relevant discount code you might have. The final price is automatically calculated.

  !! Please review also what you have selected to make sure it fits your needs. !!



Make the payment and you are all set

You should receive a confirmation email. Please check your spam. 

(If you do not receive any confirmation, don't hesitate to contact us via our online form)